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9 Things New Property Agents Should Focus at the Start

9 things new property agent to focus at the start

You’ve just gotten your real estate license and will be starting your new career as a real estate salesperson. What should you start to focus on as you begin your new journey, your new life and your new career? This is what I’ll be sharing with you on today’s video. It’s about what 9 things […]

How Real Estate Can Enhance Your Retirement

How real estate enhance retirement

For many of us, our perspective of real estate has always been about investment, making profit and having a home over our heads. But how many of us think that buying and having a property can have an impact on your retirement? How many of us have this idea that property can actually enhance your retirement […]

How to become a Property Agent in Singapore

Become a Property Agent

Are you fascinated by the world of real estate? Do you possess strong communication skills and an entrepreneurial spirit? If so, embarking on a career as a property agent in Singapore might be the perfect path for you. As a property agent, you have the opportunity to assist individuals and families in finding their dream homes […]

How your future can change by Choice of Property you Buy

Choice of property determines your future

Come, join us for this sharing session with our special guest Monica Ong. Monica Ong was in a totally different industry and there was a point in time she was trying to make a decision whether to proceed or not. Here in this video, we talked to her about that experience and how the one decision she […]

Times have changed for Property Agent

Times hav changed for property agents due to COVID19

The COVID19 coronavirus caught everyone by surprised. The circuit-breaker, the stay-home notices and the advice to stay home and only to go out if necessary was a new phenomena for everyone.  Government is churning out new laws, albeit temporary, to ask companies to shutdown unless it is part of essential service and to ask employees […]

Property Portal Singapore – 3 Questions to ask before subscribing

Property Portal Singapore

Property Portal Singapore – 3 questions to ask before subscribing to any portals. Property agents these days are running on a very tight budget. It has to get the business going, getting the listings out and conduct research after research to present to their clients. Most common way is to subscribe to the various property portals that […]

Why I started Recruiting Property Agents?

recruiting property agent

Recruiting Property Agent can be time-consuming and exhausting.  But why am I recruiting? Is it because of the money? Is it because of fame? No, the overriding fee we get is just a meagre sum. What is more important is what I call paying it forward. It’s personal and it’s far more rewarding. Continue watching ……Thanks for […]