Property Portal Singapore – 3 Questions to ask before subscribing

Property Portal Singapore - 3 questions to ask before subscribing to any portals.

Property agents these days are running on a very tight budget. It has to get the business going, getting the listings out and conduct research after research to present to their clients.

Most common way is to subscribe to the various property portals that is available in the market today. And, it costs money. It's getting to be expensive day by day.

So, how you choose which property portals to select from? Which one is value for money? Which is able to support your work, your job and your business?

In this video, I posed the three (3) questions you must ask yourself before you subscribe to any portals. It is to help streamline your thoughts and help you make a better and more informed decision.

Go ahead and watch the video. Let me know what you think and how else do you think it can help you decide.  Leave comments in the link below.

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