Times have changed for Property Agent

The COVID19 coronavirus caught everyone by surprised. The circuit-breaker, the stay-home notices and the advice to stay home and only to go out if necessary was a new phenomena for everyone.

Government is churning out new laws, albeit temporary, to ask companies to shutdown unless it is part of essential service and to ask employees to work from home.

All these things we are witnessing today is simply over-whelming, something we've not seen or heard before until the pandemic started.

Real estate industry is one of the industry considered as non-essential. Hence, many in the building construction industry, housing development and real estate agencies are all in circuit-breaker mode. This means everything is in shutdown mode,...or is it?

While social distancing is in operation, offices closed, renovation works stop, construction work halted, is it true that all work just stopped?

Well, actually, it is even more busy than before. Operations are still ongoing behind the scenes. Everyone is working from home. Virtual viewings are still being conducted and agents are still submitting transactions.

So, how is the current situation impacting you as property agent? Is it pushing you against the wall or is it inspiring you to do more?

In this video, I share my thoughts about the current situation and what you must do to come out stronger after this pandemic is over.

Continue watching the video and I would like to hear from you what you think of the situation, how it is affecting you and what you are doing to survive this pandemic. Leave your comments below.

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