Waterski and Wakeboard – SEA Games 2015

The 28th South East Asian (SEA) Games 2015 will be starting soon from 05 to 16 June, 2015. The games is back to Singapore after a 22-year wait. Singapore last hosted the SEA Games in 1993 and this year’s event is the fourth time we get the honour to be the host. It is especially significant as we celebrate SG50, the 50th year of independence.

36 sports and 402 events will be featured during the SEA Games and one of them, Waterski and Wakeboard, will be held at Bedok Reservoir Park. Preparations are underway now to get ready for the competition.

What are the differences between Waterski and Wakeboard?

Waterski is a water surface sport where the athlete, wearing two ski or a single slalom ski, is pulled by a moving motorised boat or a cable ski, and they skim above the water to perform tricks, jumps and slalom.

Wakeboards is another water surface sport that uses a buoyant board to perform and score points for the competition.

Both events will be held in Bedok Reservoir.


Admission is FREE. Click on the image below for bigger view of the schedule.

[frame src=”https://www.mingproperty.sg/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Waterski-Schedule-for-SEA-Games-2015.png” link=”#” target=”_self” width=”524″ height=”681″ alt=”Waterski and Wakeboard Schedule – SEA Games 2015″ align=”center” prettyphoto=”true”]

Lucky Residents

The admission to this Waterski and Wakeboard sport is Free. All residents living near and around Bedok Reservoir Park gets to enjoy this privilege for just being staying around this area. For residents whose apartment units that are facing the reservoir will get to watch the games from their balcony. Residents of Waterfront Key, Waterfront Gold, Waterfront Waves, Waterfront Isle and Baywater whose units are facing the reservoir will have a very clear view.

Residents from the nearby HDB flats will get to watch the games on their own free time by just walking down and cross the road to get to the games venue. This the same for residents from Clearwater and Aquarius by the Park.

For more information about the games, you can visit the 28th SEA Games homepage and details on Waterski and Wakeboard – SEA Games 2015 program website.

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