Why is it good to live near Paya Lebar Central?

Way back in 2008, the government of Singapore came out with a comprehensive master plan to develop land all over Singapore. The master plan encompasses new commercial centers, good quality of living, recreation and leisure, and conservation. Paya Lebar Central was one area identified for key growth in commercial business and culture.

Paya Lebar Central is part of URA’s larger decentralization strategy in providing alternatives for businesses to move away from the central business district and to create jobs closer to home for majority of employees. This will help business owners reduce their operating costs and provides convenience to employees getting to work and back. With this plan, it will indirectly boost the Singapore Property prices around the area.

Commercial Hub

[frame src=”https://www.mingproperty.sg/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/PayaLebarCentral-PayaLebarSquare624x264.jpg” target=”_self” width=”220″ height=”132″ alt=”Paya Lebar Central – Paya Lebar Square | Singapore Property | Ming Property” align=”left” prettyphoto=”false”]The work on new sub-regional centre of Paya Lebar Central has already begun since the announcements were made. The Workforce Development Agency’s (WDA) Continuing Education and Training (CET) Campus is already in operation. Both Paya Lebar Square and OneKM had received their Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) recently and work on renovation to get retail shops, F&B outlets ready for operation is underway. New Update: The retail shops on the 1st level of Paya Lebar Square is now opened for business.

To accomplish the government’s plan to create a vibrant commercial hub, a large area has been designated to commercial use such as retail, hotels and offices. As progress is ongoing, we can expect a lot more announcements coming our way.

Outdoor Activities

[frame src=”https://www.mingproperty.sg/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/PayaLebarCentral-SingaporeSportsHub624x261.jpg” target=”_self” width=”220″ height=”132″ alt=”Paya Lebar Central – Singapore Sports Hub | Singapore Property | Ming Property” align=”left” prettyphoto=”false”]Paya Lebar Central area is not only very close to East Coast Park and Singapore’s new iconic building, the Singapore Sports Hub, the grand plan is to create residential enclaves that has easy access to smaller parks and build an extensive network of park connectors. By 2030, many residents will be living just within 400m from a park or a park connector.

This will help encourage residents to lead a healthier lifestyle, engage in more fun activities and getting the required body exercises that a lot of us are lacking of. Be it an activity among family, friends, and/or neighbors, with the easy access and conveniences catered for, we will have plenty of outdoor activity to choose from. Running, jogging, cycling, Qi Gong, water sports, just to name a few.

Greater community and social interactions.

Paya Lebar MRT will become a focal point for activities and a natural gathering spot for commuters, shoppers and office crowd. A new public plaza is coming up and it will be buzzing with vibrant energy.

[frame src=”https://www.mingproperty.sg/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/PayaLebarCentral-RiverWalk.jpg” target=”_self” width=”220″ height=”132″ alt=”Paya Lebar Central – River Walk | Singapore Property | Ming Property” align=”right” prettyphoto=”false”]Geylang River will undergo major improvement works and more greenery will be added. Beautifully designed landscape will be incorporated and new communal space created. Imagine you are part of the community who work, shop and relax by the scenic river with beautifully designed landscape and waterfront views. This fantastic strategy will bring life back to the riverbanks.

You can read more about popular cafes around Aljunied, an area just next to Paya Lebar Central.


Paya Lebar Central is at an ideal location where getting to any destination in Singapore is so convenient. You are only just 10 minutes drive away from the Central Business District (CBD) and it is well-connected to ECP and PIE expressways.

If you take the MRT trains, you are well-connected from East to West via the East-West line plus the central core area via the Circle Line that is already in operation.

If you are traveling overseas, you are also about 15-minutes drive away to Singapore’s gateway to the world at Changi Airport.


There are plenty of good reasons why it is good to live near Paya Lebar Central. First good reason is you will living nearby a fantastic growth area. This means you will have access to amenities, shops and food places.

Secondly, it will be conveniences that you will enjoy. You will have easy access to your workplace, example, Paya Lebar Square and CBD. Moving around Singapore is also easy as all locations are well-connected either by bicycle, car, MRT or even by air.

If the prospect of living in a growth area in Singapore such as the Paya Lebar Central, excites you, you may want to consider finding a new home in a nearby area such as Sims Urban Oasis. It is a great project by Guocoland Ltd and you can find more information on Sims Urban Oasis webpage. It is also a great place for expatriates to have their temporary home when they arrived in Singapore. Thus, a great investment property for you too.

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