HDB Resale Flat – How to Choose HDB Flat of your Choice

How to choose the HDB resale flat of your choice. Many first time buyers go through many stress levels when they start looking into planning and buying their first property. I hope to help you go through the process as painless as possible and have a positive experience in your buying process.

I’ll go through some of the criteria and selection checklist and give you an overall view about the selection process. I hope by the end of the blog, you will know what you need to do to choose the property that suits your needs and requirements. Continue reading until the end.

I know we are all excited when we first start talking about getting a house. Yes, our very own property. Never before you could imagine that you’ll have a property to your name. But now, the reality has come, you’ve come a long way and you’ve finally made enough money and ready to own one.

What is your Objective?

Many people have many different ideas when it comes to owning a property. What is your idea? What is your objective? What do you hope to achieve when you own a piece of property?

A place to call home

For most people, it’s about having a roof over their heads, a place to call home, a place they can come home to, to rest, have some family time and have meals together. Most importantly, to be safe and be comfortable.

Capital Preservation

Then, to some people, having property is about capital preservation, to protect against inflation and to grow their wealth. Growing wealth is the top priority to majority of house owners.

Capital Appreciation

They want to make money, enjoy capital appreciation from their property. Many hope that one day, the price will be higher than what they had bought so they can cash out the difference in price.

Rental Income

To some of the luckier ones, it may be their second or third property and their objective is also capital appreciation and rental income while waiting for their property to appreciate.


There is also another group buyers who is buying property as their retirement home. They are basically downgrading from their private property, sold off all their private property and now looking to buy HDB resale flats for their new lifestyle.

There are many more reasons and objectives why people are into buying property. So, back to my question earlier....what is your objective?

You see..... your reasons must be very clear. When you know why your are buying a property and what you hope to achieve after four or five years, this will help you determine the type of property to buy. Different needs, different types of property. 

Buying a property is probably going to be one of your biggest purchase in your entire life and it’ll take a few years before you can see any price increase. So knowing what you want out of it is a very important first step as time and money waits for no one.

What is this about?

So, since this blog is about how to choose and select a HDB resale flat, I’m going to assume you’ve made the choice to buy a HDB resale flat. There are reasons to consider HDB resale flat and reasons NOT to consider it. But I’ll not discuss here today. We can meet up and I’ll explain to you my perspective and see if you’ll agree with me or not.

Questions to Asks

Ok, once you know your reason, here are the list of questions you need to ask and get answers for.


  • Price - Is the price correct? How do I know if the asking price is the correct one?  Will I be over-paying? What’s the market price? What is the purchase price I can afford?
  • Size - How many rooms do I need? Should I buy a 3-room flat? Why I need to buy a 5-room flat? Is 82 square meter good enough or I need a 132 square meter flat?
  • Layout - what kind of layout is a better layout? What do I need to consider when it comes to layout? What is the layout most buyers prefer? You need to know this because the next time when you are selling your own HDB flat, you want to make sure your unit is something people wants to buy. Does it have a yard, maids room, utility room? They makes a lot of difference when its your turn to become a seller.
  • Surrounding - Location, location, location...this is a common mantra whenever someone is looking to buy a property. But what is it about location you must know? A few things comes to mind.....which level, high floor, low floor, afternoon sun, road noise, distance and so on. You need to list them down and determine what is your priority and what’s not important.
  • Amenities - this is one criteria that receives the most attention. You’d want to know if there are any coffee shops nearby, NTUC fairprice, Giant, Sheng Siong. Because this is something you’ll need everyday and having one next to where you live is most ideal. But then, it may not be to some because of noise and high traffic. Some prefers quiet and peaceful environment.
  • Transportation - another big must have. Is having a MRT station nearby important. What if its just a bus stop in front. These days, calling a cab or grab is so convenient and not having one nearby may not be critical to you.
  • School - yes, schools...Many young parents, starting out as a family needs to plan for the schools their young children will attend in future. Are there any reputable schools nearby the HDB flats? Is school an important criteria? If it is, you’ll need to consider carefully what schools are nearby your preferred choice of HDB flat.
  • Retirement - last but not the least.......are you looking to buy a HDB resale flat for your own retirement? Is it the time for you to consider downgrading, selling off all your private properties and finally getting a smaller house for just you and your spouse? If you’re buying for retirement, you’ll need to consider health care, amenities, and elder-friendly environment.

The above are the main criteria most buyers would consider when they are looking into buying a HDB resale flat.

How we can help you?

The most important criteria that will require our assistance is.... pricing, research, arranging for viewings and negotiating for a better price. 

We have all the transaction information, we can tabulate price comparison and we take the difficult work of arranging for viewings away from you. It is part of our job to help protect your interest. 

And the rest of the criteria, you need to sit down and prioritize what’s important and what’s not, then you’ll be able to choose one HDB resale flat that is suitable to your requirements. 

Why you should engage us?

This is where we come in. This is where we add value to you. We make it easier for you in your buying journey. We help you prioritize your needs and requirement and then, look for the HDB resale flat that fits your requirement. We help you with the financial calculation and determine your affordability together with CPF calculation.

Many first-time buyers does not have the full picture of the buying process. This is one reason why they have not explored enough to make a more complete decision. With our help, we can present to you a full picture and help you make a better decision. 

If you are not sure, I welcome you write to me or drop me a message. Knowing the reasons why you are buying this property and what outcome you hope to achieve after five to ten years is often most important. Otherwise, what most buyers experience is regret, regret for not taking the right action, and losing precious time over the years for making the wrong decision.

I hope the above is useful to you. Do let me know if there’re any topic you want to know more about. I’ll create more blogs to answer your questions. 

What is your next step?

If you’ve missed out on my previous blog related to this HDB Resale Flat series, have a look at the previous consumer blog posts for the past episodes. Check them out for a better, smoother process when you buy your next HDB resale flat.

You can reach out to me via our contact us page. Just click on the link.

So, until my next blog post....take care and all the best.

I would like to state a disclaimer statement here. These information that I’m sharing, they’re valid at the time of writing and recording. The regulation and policies can change at anytime without prior notice. It may not be complete as every transactions are different. Please engage a licensed real estate salesperson to help you with your own transaction. Use of information herein is at your own discretion.