Waterfront at Faber

Waterfront at Faber

Waterfront at Faber is another beautiful project by the renowned developer, World Class Land. It is situated at a strategic location, very close to the latest development township of Jurong East.

Waterfront at Faber is a new launch condo with the potential to be a much sought-after property in future because it is very near the heart of new commercial and industrial area and yet, it is away from the hustle and bustle of the new township brings.

As announced by Singapore government, the future High Speed Rail (HSR) terminus will be located within the vicinity of Jurong East. The terminus has the potential to change the way commuters travel between the capital state of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Singapore in just 90 minutes.

Waterfront at Faber is build within the landed property enclave and the area is quiet, peaceful and plenty of green surrounding the estate. The project comprises of 199 units of apartment units and 11 units of strata landed homes, making it a total of 210 units in Waterfront at Faber.

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Project Information – Waterfront @ Faber

Land Size (sqm) 15,125
GFA (sqm) 21,176
Plot Ratio (Incl. Bonus) 1.4
Street Name FABER WALK
Property Type Condominium / Strata Landed
Tenure 99 Yrs FROM 17 Sep 2013
District / Planning Area D05 / CLEMENTI
Completion Uncompleted
Number of units 199 apartment units / 11 strata landed home (total 210 units)

Site Plan – Waterfront at Faber

Waterfront at Faber - Site Layout
* For a bigger site plan view, please click on image followed by a click on top right corner.

Property Types – Waterfront at Faber

Type Total Units Size(sf) Size(sqm)
2-Bedroom (Type A1-P/A1) 10 721 67
2-Bedroom (Type A2-P/A2) 5 700 65
2-Bedroom (Type A3-P/A3) 5 710 66
2-Bedroom (Type A4-P/A4) 5 721 67
2-Bedroom Dual-Key (DK) (Type 2DK1-P) 9 764 71
2-Bedroom Dual-Key (DK) (Type 2DK2-P/2DK2) 10 753 70
2-Bedroom Dual-Key (DK) (Type 2DK3-P/2DK3) 10 753 70
3-Bedroom (Type B1-P/B1) 2 1,033 96
3-Bedroom Dual-Key (DK) (Type 3DK-P/3DK) 10 1,023 95
3-Bedroom Deluxe (Type B2-P/B2) 30 1,066 99
3-Bedroom Deluxe (Type B3-P) 3 1,066 99
3-Bedroom Deluxe (Type B3) 24 1,066 99
3-Bedroom Deluxe (Type B4) 3 1,076 100
4-Bedroom (Type C1-P/C1) 15 1,173 109
4-Bedroom (Type C2-P/C2) 10 1,281 119
4-Bedroom (Type C3-P/C3) 10 1,292 120
4-Bedroom Deluxe (Type C4-P/C4) 10 1,313 122
4-Bedroom Deluxe (Type C5-P/C5) 5 1,389 129
4-Bedroom Deluxe (Type C6-P/C6) 5 1,324 123
4-Bedroom Dual-Key (DK) (Type 4DK-P/4DK) 10 1,259 117
5-Bedroom Strata Landed 1 3,208 298
5-Bedroom Strata Landed 10 2,949 274

Location Map – Waterfront at Faber

Video – Waterfront at Faber

Check out our video on Waterfront at Faber. Gives you an idea how it would be like when the project is ready and you are living on it!

Floor Plans – Waterfront @ Faber

Type A1 – 2-Bedroom


Type A2 – 2 Bedroom


Type A3 – 2-Bedroom


Type A4 – 2-Bedroom


Type 2DK1 – 2-Bedroom Dual-Key


Type 2DK2 – 2-Bedroom Dual-Key


Type 2DK3 – 2-Bedroom Dual-Key


Type B1 – 3 Bedroom


Type B2 – 3-Bedroom Deluxe


Type B3 – 3-Bedroom Deluxe


Type B4 – 3-Bedroom Deluxe


Type 3DK – 3-Bedroom Dual-Key


Type C1 – 4-Bedroom


Type C2 – 4-Bedroom


Type C3 – 4-Bedroom


Type C4 – 4-Bedroom Deluxe


Type C5 – 4-Bedroom Deluxe


Type C6 – 4-Bedroom Deluxe


Type 4DK – 4-Bedroom Dual-Key



* For a bigger view of each floor plan, please click on image .

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