Achieve breakthrough via Top Real Estate Agency in Singapore

Life as a real estate salesperson is like a roller-coaster ride. One minute it's going up and the next minute it's on its way down. Sometimes when it's down, it continues to stays down. Then what happens next? What do you do to get help?

Not Achieving Results?

What you really need is a stable hand to guide you and to show you the proper way to move ahead from the others,...Someone to lend you a helping hand, and to bring you up and running again.

Inspire to Success

We now have a team of highly motivated, real estate salesperson with us. We continue to inspire and support them in every opportunity we get. This is always our goal and it will continue to be our goal for a Long time.

Business Growth

We are always in search for the right real estate salesperson to be part of our top performing team. 

We want to reach out to you, the new real estate salespersons and to the experienced salesperson who are looking to improve your sales, and to grow your business to the next level with us. If you are one of them, we'd like to meet up with you.

Why we are different?

Allow us to share with you how we do things differently from others. Allow us to show you.... the one thing you needed the most... how to close more deals.

Looking for a Change?

If you’ve been thinking about finding new direction, new focus, new mindset, and how to make more money, now is the right time to get in touch with us. If you want to know about us, click here for more details.

Contact Us

Look for the link below and send us a message now. We’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible. 

My name is Francis of Francis Ming Division - Propnex Realty. where your success is our priority.