How to increase your speed of closing as Property Agent?

Speed Closing for Property Agents

Have you ever tried to figure out how to close your listing in the shortest time possible? This is about speed closing. If you’re a property agent, stay tuned to learn more. 

If you’re a seller’s agent, getting your listing to move in the shortest time possible is one of your secret weapon. All sellers would want to engage your services if you’re able to perform consistently. If you create a brand name for yourself as a fast closer, your phone will not stop ringing. But how do you go about giving your seller listings full exposure? How do you reach out to all your buyers and your buyers agent? How do you ask them to help push your listing out to their buyers.

Power of Networking

Besides your advertisement portals and newspaper advertisement, one powerful tool that you as a property agent must have is the people connection. The power of Networking. You need to be able to access a large group of people, people with the same culture and mindset, people whose work attitude is towards the speed of closing. You want to establish a good, trustworthy and ethical working relationship amongst your peers. 

Access to complete and transparent information

With the people around you ready to give you a comprehensive support, you need to give something back in return to enable them to help you. 

They will need a completely transparent information they can work with. They need accurate and up-to date information that they can use to update their clients. They need to show their clients the latest transaction prices even before the market price is announced. They need the ability to explain the market trend before it becomes public. 

But how are you able support your circle of influence, people in your network and connections?

The Team

In our team, the Powerful Negotiators Group, we formed the largest team in the largest real estate agency in Singapore. Propnex Realty Private Limited. 

Propnex has almost seven thousand real estate salesperson in Singapore to date. In Powerful Negotiators Group alone, we have more than three thousand agents, more than some of the more established real estate agencies in Singapore.

In terms of the power of networking and the ability to give your current listing the necessary big exposure, we have our internal system where all Propnex agents have access to your listings. Can you imagine all your seller listings, being accessed by more than three thousand agents with a tap of a button? 

If you talk about the power of networking, this is the real power of networking that no other teams have access to in Singapore. 

Key Features

We have our own internal system and here are some of the key features. 

No Duplicates

All our listings have a unit number. This means there are no duplicates. When we use the filter to search based on criteria like size, price, types and rooms configuration, the result will show listings based on the criteria you set, and each search result will be unique. 

You can show your client the current asking prices for each of the units for sale in each development. And we have listings for sale and for rent for properties located in Singapore. The search is much faster and we have only one point of contact to deal with. 

Real-time Information

When you update your selling price for your listing, it’ll be updated across the board. This is especially important if you use the tagger system that comes with the app. This way, all agents will be notified of the latest price and you can update your client with the latest information. You control the pricing and manage your listing as you see fit.

Latest Information

And when a unit is sold, you’ll know the latest price it’s sold at. Suppose you’re actively looking for a unit in one particular project for your buyer, you can quickly update your buyer before the prices are made known publicly. 

This is to speed up your closing especially when your buyer is still taking his sweet time to think and consider his offer price. 

The Benefits of Speed Closing

To improve your speed of closing, you will need the latest, most up to date information on pricing, the location and you need to know where you can access the information. 

Today, in Propnex we have one of the largest network of agents who have access to unique listings with clearly the latest and greatest info. 

These are the key features that you must have access when you join a team. And, this is just one part of the complete picture on how to become a successful property agent. 

Once you have access to our system, you’ll need to know how to use it effectively. And once you know how to use it, you’ll need to know another important phase and that’s the closing phase. Tools and techniques without closing skills does not help you progress.

How We Can Help You

If you’re keen to know how to progress from one phase to another, I would like to invite you for a no-obligation discussion and see how we can help expand your business exponentially and achieve greater success. Get in touch with us today. All our contacts can be found through the links below. 

Let me know what you think about your speed of closing. Share with us what you think is hindering your progress in your real estate business and give me your comments below. 

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Remember, the speed of closing and the closing technique is what will make the difference in your business 

Until our next blog post, take care and wishing you great success always.