How to Stand Out as a Property Agent?

Stand out as property agent

Now that you are a property agent, how do you stand out from the rest of the other agents? Here are the 5 tips I am sharing with you today.

Tip Number One

Build your backend system. Your backend system will greatly help you support your client and your business. 

Your backend system is where you define your source of information and management of data. 

How you get your updates, where to get your updates from, how you maintain and process your data and turning them into meaningful information that you can share with your clients.

Your technical knowledge, market information, industry knowledge, objection handling and having the right system to support your client are important consideration when building your backend system.

Solid data will give you the confidence to go out to the market to stamp your authority. With credible information, your clients will begin to look up to you and yearn for more details from you, anytime and every time. 

Once you’ve a solid foundation, the next step is the Front-end system. This is tip number two. 

Tip Number Two

The front-end is your client support knowledge. Your soft-skill, your client management, presentation skill and communication skill set and the art of closing. 

You might be thinking that you are not that eloquent and you are not the talkative type. You will claim you are not an extrovert who can talk to client comfortably.

Do not let this mindset hold you back. Each one of us have our own special strength that can appeal to different set of people. 

You just need to find the right kind people to work with, people who appreciate your style of work approach and who appreciate the quality of service you provide in your own way.

Do what you do best and clients who likes the way you work will come to you. Key is to show you are genuine in helping your client in getting the help they need and to give value in your interaction with them.

Combined together, both the back and the front end system, you will have a constant source of up-todate information, you will know your market better, know how many homes are available in your focused-area, how many were sold, the recent transaction prices and the market value for each type of property.

You will be able to present meaningful data and you will be able to impressed them. You will be able to come across as an expert who is knowledgeable in real estate. 

Tip Number Three

The ability to find a solution for your client. To do that, you must improve your listening and communication skill. You must learn the various technique and methodologies that can address any client’s concerns and requirements. This is a continuous learning process and you need to keep updating yourself.

Listening is important. Very often property agents missed out on important signals that clients indicated either directly or indirectly. 

You need to have the ability to catch the unspoken hint and the underlying issues on hand that are not expressed openly. This means asking the right question can lead you to a space that creates opportunities for you. 

Learn how to ask the right question.

Tip Number Four

Attend trainings and webinars whenever possible. Write down a few pointers that you find useful and keep it at the back of your mind. Use them when the need arises. 

This is what we call “sharpen your saw”. Never be complacent with what you already know. There is always something new to know and to learn. 

Take notes on new observations of how your other peers are doing and use them as your own when the time comes.

When you are able to present a solution that not many other property agents are able to explain to your client, you are already way ahead of your competitor. 

A client could not move on due to lack of information. However, he was able to progress because you were able to offer a workable solution. This makes you an outstanding real estate salesperson.

Always find ways, legal and proper, as much as you can to help your clients. To do that, your fundamentals and technical knowledge must be strong.

Tip Number Five

Be a social media star. Be in the limelight of at least one platform. 

We have agents who are reluctant to put themselves out there, talking about their achievements, what they do in business, and what they are actually marketing. 

As a result, nobody knows what they actually do. And if no one knows, how is the business coming to you?

Yes, not everyone likes to be in the limelight. It’s not something they are used to and felt very uncomfortable doing so. 

Unfortunately, if you want to stand out and be known of what you actually do and to let people know you are successful doing it, you need to let people know about it big time, everyday and in whatever way you can find. 

There is no escape from this if you want to really stand out. Step out of your comfort zone. 

Have a plan. Prepare a program for you to post videos and writeups. 

Talk about your daily activities, your listings, market research, your Mis-steps and how you recover from it. 

Talk a little bit about your personal thoughts that can be useful for others to learn. 

This is to showcase the real you, your personality and a way for you to connect with others. 

Take classes and learn the techniques on how to promote your posts and videos on the various social media platforms.

Take the initiative to pick up as many tips as possible and start to put them into practice. 

Soon, you will create a personal branding of yourself. People will start to recognize you and you’ll become a prominent figure. 

All you need to do is to start and follow a consistent plan. 


Those are the 5 tips that I believe will help you as a property agent to stand out amongst your peers and competition. If done correctly and consistently, you will see progress and eventually achieve success. 

Give it a thought on what you can do, how you can do it and what you must do when following those 5 tips I shared above. 

As always, feel free to get in touch if you want to know more about those 5 tips and how you can incorporate some of the ideas into your business and your daily life. 

All the best in your endeavors ‼️😃🙏