How to effectively get your listings out to thousands of RES for FREE?

Many real estate salesperson are finding the cost of marketing properties to be very expensive by the day. All major property portals are increasing their prices, making it very difficult for RES, especially the new agents who just joined the industry, to advertise and make an impact in their marketing and advertisements.

What if I tell you today, you have an option to post and advertise your listings for free and your listings can reach thousands of RES who may be interested to know about what you have, something their buyers may be keen to have a look, would you be interested to know? 

What if you’re a brand new RES who has just joined the industry and with no listings to start, and I tell you, you can get a number listings from the team to help you get started, to post and advertise and help you get calls, would you be keen?

I’d like to introduce you to our very own Propnex PA app or Propnex Personal Assistant app. What I’ve described above is just the tip of the iceberg. Many key features and functionalities are being planned, designed and implemented.

We have already rolled out the app with a few modules and in this video, I’m gonna talk about My Listings. I’ll talk about the other modules in my later videos.

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Now back to My Listings. 

This is where you’ll find the most important functionality to get your listings out to thousands of agents. Yes, thousands of agents. And you can do it in Propnex.

But before we can to gain the traction, we need to get moving and build the momentum. A very important step you must take is to start creating as many listings as possible on our Propnex PA app. Every agent on Propnex needs to start the initiative. We need to get as many people as possible to get start because, to be effective, the app must have high volume of listings.

Once we have tens of thousands of listings, we need to ensure we maintain and increase the number of active listings on the system, at all times.

It’s only when we have high volume of listings, all our own internal Propnex agents will be keen to make it a point to search our listings portals first before going out to search others.

It is only when we know there’s value in our listing portal, then only agents will start searching for listings in our portals.

My Listings is able to cater for all property type like HDB, condo, apartment, landed, commercial and industrial. It caters to both For Sale and For Rent.

I’d encourage all of you to start creating your listings from this platform because, this is the only one platform you need to maintain. Here’s why.

You see, once you’ve created your listing, you are able to post your listings from here to all your other listing portals.

Imagine you have property guru,, EdgeProp and so on. Without the PA app, you need to create and maintain each one of them individually. If you have twenty listings, you need to create twenty listing on each of the portals. If you subscribed to five portals, that’s a hundred listings you need to create and maintain. Worst is they are not unique. They’re duplicates. It’s a very tedious job.

With our PA app, you just create one time, and you can auto post to the other portals you subscribed to. This saves you tons of time. I know it’s saved mine. 

Suppose if you just want to update the price, same thing, you just update on PA app once, and auto update to all portals with a click of a button. This is simply amazing.

When you start posting your listing on PA app and every agent in Propnex starts to do the same, we are leveraging on the strength of Propnex.

You have an outreach of eight thousand over agents to search for listings, listings they are looking for buyers and tenants. You have an immediate audience. 

And the best thing about’s free for all Propnex agents.

If you have a listing that is difficult to move, believe me, you want a system to reach out to your Cobroke and and get your Cobroke to bring buyers to view your unit.

If you’re looking for Cobroke agents to help you push your listings, there’s no other platform to let you reach out to eight thousands plus agents within a single agency.

Another feature that I mentioned earlier is if you don’t have any listings and you want to grab a few listings to post, the system is able to allow you copy and paste them to your profile. This way you get immediate listings to post to your portals. 

This feature comes under My Chope module. I’ll explain more about this module in another video. There are SOPs and protocols to follow and you need to attend the My Chope session to activate this feature.

So I encourage you to start putting up your listings in PA app and spread the word to your teammates and encourage them to do the same.

If you need help to know how to use the app, sign up for the Propnex PA app training class immediately. Get to know the app and take advantage of it. Speed in closing is key.

I cannot stress enough the importance of having every Propnex agents to start using this app. When this app is running at its optimum level, you’ll begin to see your cost of marketing reduced, you’ll close your deals more internally, you’ll have a faster closing. Tap on resources that Propnex has today.

Start using the app now and reach out to the support team if you have any difficulties in using the app. Do give your feedback on any issues and any suggestions to improve. The app will only become better as more improvements are made.

Make this the app you use before you open up another for your real estate business.

Until the next to you again soon.