Buying property should be a simple process.

Buying property, be it an investment property or for your own stay, every buyer should complete the buying process hassle-free and with minimum stress.

Unfortunately, this process does not seem to be simple for many buyers.

There has been many do-it-yourself (DIY) styled buyers who went through the process thinking it was a simple process but ended up regretting going in on their own.

Granted, not all went through similar fate. They are the lucky ones because they had everything in order. The tricky ones that will come biting you is when the sale conditions are not straight forward.

This is very common for HDB cases. HDB has many rules and regulation. It has eligibility constraints, the various schemes and qualifications, contra cases, just to name a few. If you miss that, your case will be thrown out during the first appointment and you will have to start all over again.

This is time wasted when your time could be put to better use.

Don't let it happen to you. Get a qualified agent to guide you through the buying process. 

We are saying this not because we are agents but because we have seen cases that could have been better managed and not cause anxiety for you and your entire family members. 

We want to ensure the process goes through smoothly for you and your family and that you get to move in to your new home upon completion of the sale.

Below is a short video sharing some of the problems faced by buyers when they DIY the buying process.