Listing Property Made Easy – Saves Time, More Productive

Many of you agents out there probably have multiple portal accounts like property guru, edgeprop and I’m sure you find it a pain to keep updating and reposting every single listings everyday on those portals.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you only need do it one time and all your listings are updated across all your portals? Even better, schedule a time for several times in a day to refresh your post automatically. Do you want the know how it can be done? Stay tuned to find out how.

All of us have gone through the difficulty of posting the same listing multiple times on different portals in a day. It becomes a chore and it gets really boring but we’ve got no choice but to do it everyday.

Now we’ve got a solution and the answer is Power Deal app. Here in our Powerful Negotiators team, we have access to an app that allows us to post one time and have all our portals updated automatically.

We can also schedule all our listing’s to repost several times a day. It’s like post and forget and yet, all our listings are refreshed everyday. Here’s how we do it. 

Step-by-Step Instructions

You open up the app and tap on listings. You should see all your listings. Scroll through till the bottom of your listings. Tap on the select icon and tap on select again to select all you listings. You should see a check mark next to each listing. 

Tap on the down arrow key next to the delete button and then select Schedule. On this page where the schedule is, tap on choose accounts. This is where you select your portals where you want to update your listings at the scheduled time.

After you’ve selected your accounts, tap on Done and you’ll be back at the schedule screen again. You’ll see a list of all your posts that are scheduled for repost. Scroll to the bottom of the screen. Here you’ll see start date, run time and frequency.

Tap on start date to tell the system which date to start reposting. Tap on runtime to tell the system what time to repost. You can set multiple times. Then you set the frequency like everyday, all weekday and so on.

Once you’ve set all that, you tap on the red button Add Schedule. And that’s all to it. All your listing‘s will be updated on all the portals according to the date, time and frequency set.

Isn’t this such a great tool? Give the app a try and let me know how it goes for you. I know it definitely helps me and my team with our postings everyday. One less chore to do And it’s such a time saver.

Hope you find this tip useful and talk to you again soon. Cheers. 

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