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Dear Friends,

Regardless of your position today, achieving your goal of becoming a Top Producer should be your dream target.

But, how do you get to be a Top Producer? What are you doing wrong? What area in your business needs to be improved?​

It is time to take action. Reach out to us to find out what you've been missing!

Today we are in a unique position to help elevate your property agent position. Find out from us how we can help you.

Francis & Ming​

To be a successful real estate agent, follow our

MCM Philosophy


Prepare your mind and set your priorities right. Put aside your fears and doubts. Allow only the positives into your mind.


Build your knowledge and enhance your skill set to be a top producer real estate agent. Learn the right skills from the best.


Knowledge minus experience will only take you this far. Learning from Mentors brings you new experiences beyond expectation.


In anything we do, our mindset is one of the most powerful tool we have in our arsenal. Our mindset is what sets us apart between an average producer and a champion producer.

Focus - concentrate on the tasks at hand that'll help you achieve your goal, one step at a time

Attitude - have a positive attitude to achieve positive outcome. No matter what setback that may come your way, you'll take steps to overcome it and move in the right direction.

Determination - never say die... If you're down, you know you will always be at the top again.

We have our very own Power Sales Bootcamp to help you find your way and build a winning mindset.


In our Coaching program, you'll learn to see from different perspective.

The What

Strategic Planning - you will learn what you need to do more effectively and efficiently as a producing agent and the approach you need to take when you're out in the field.

The How

Techniques - once you know the strategy, you will need to learn the techniques, the important steps and preparation you need to execute. Knowing the strategy but don't know how to use it does not help you in achieving your goals.


Presentation - you may know what to do and how to do it. But, if you fail to communicate and present your plans and proposals to your clients, all your knowledge goes to waste.

Our Coaching Program

Our training program is one of the most sought-after real estate program in the market today. Many agents join us to learn the How and the Why and armed themselves with good knowledge that they can pass on to their clients. 

If your desire is to help your client to make more money from their investment and to learn the strategies they can use​ on real estate investment, join us to gain more inside knowledge from us.

Our coaching program are constantly updated to reflect the market trends and the situation on the ground. That's why our associates are always on top of the market situations.

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Power Financial Presentation - Honing Your presentation skills
Power Selling Techniques for Real Estate
Power Up HDB Competency Training

Your Mentor

If you're a brand new real estate agent who has just joined the industry or an experienced agent who is struggling because of market and economic changes, you will need someone to be there for you.

You will need someone to give you the motivation and emotional support to carry you forward and to overcome the obstacles you are facing at the moment.

That someone must have the experience in the field, a Top Producer and a Top Closer. This is important because they can also feel the pain you're going through and can guide you accordingly.

The next important quality is your mentor must be willing to share. Share the experiences, share the finer details about conducting a real estate transaction and client management. Be willing to help you grow your real estate career.

You may think this is common sense but unfortunately, they are ​the most lacking in many teams out there in the market place. Many agents are left on their own once they join a team.

Don't let this happen to you.

What's the secret of success?

Let us share a secret with you. There are several factors that contributes to the success of a real estate salesperson (RES).

But one contributing factor that most agents never think about is in the CLOSING process

You can have the best knowledge, the best techniques, the best strategies but if you fail to convince your client why they are making the best decision of their life, your chances of reaching the top producer level is reduced effectively.

In any trading or investment, your success comes from having more positive trades and less failures. You need to cut-down your negative closing rate. You must INCREASE your successful closing rate to be a Top Producer.

Consistent closing rate is the key to success.

Today, we are reaching out to you, to help you find your way to improve your successful closing rate.

Many struggling real estate agents are often left on their own when closing an important deal.

If you're inexperience or don't have enough confidence, it can be a daunting experience to sit in front of a client and to convince them to sign on the dotted line.

"What if I say the wrong thing? What should I do? Did I just destroyed the deal?". Panic thoughts often runs through minds of agents.

In our team, you can be assured of proper guidance and mentorship during the most important part of the sales cycle........closing the deal!

We work with you, covering the step-by-step negotiating process to help you close the deal.

Do yourself a favour and get the right mentor to be at your side!​

Who are we?

We are part of Propnex Realty and we are in Powerful Negotiator Team, one of the biggest and probably the most successful team in Propnex. Led by Mr. Kelvin Fong, the Powerful Negotiators team has put in lots of effort to compile training materials and prepared credible facilitators to conduct a series of in-house trainings for all our associates.

Our team, Francis, Ming & Associates, is a closely knit team of associates with different background and experience. We are all encouraged to leverage on our strengths and experiences for support. We give support to one another in times of need. In our team, you don't have to walk alone. 

Make a Decision Today! Choose your Mentor to bring you to the next level!​

The Real Training that MATTERS......

Comes from our personalised, one-to-one coaching​ in helping you to close deals.

This is one coaching session you don't want to miss because it is the one session that makes the DIFFERENCE between an average producer and a champion producer.

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